How to create a passive, or nearly passive income with a website or blog? This involves deciding on your niche, content creation, including writing, image editing, some knowledge of SEO, and lastly monetizing your website or blog.

Create a passive income with a website or blog.

How to make a Passive Income Website

Choose Your Niche

When choosing a niche, you have to find something that has enough search volume to make it worth your while, yet not being too competitive. If it’s too competitive, you will struggle to rank for keywords. You can choose a competitive niche like fitness; however, it would be a good idea to focus on a particular area of fitness. For example, having the website dedicated to getting a flat stomach, or a specific type of exercise style or diet to lower the competitiveness.

Another important factor is having a passion for whatever you are writing about, or generally creating content for. If you have that passion, you will enjoy creating your content. If you treat it like a hobby first, passive income stream second, you will be far more likely to stick at it, and to develop your website into an authority in its particular niche. To become an authority, you need to know everything that there is to know about your particular subject.

Once you have your niche idea or ideas, you need to do some research. This involves keyword research and competitor research. Find a website that covers the subject in mind. Then you can use various free SEO tools to see how much traffic that website is getting, plus what keywords are generating the most traffic for that website.

You should also checkout the content itself on the website, and ask yourself could you do something similar, or ideally better? If the answer is yes, and if there is enough demand and search volume for the keywords that you will be targeting, then it might be a good choice.

Get a Website

Once you have found your niche, you are going to need a website. There are a few different ways of creating a website. However, I would recommend using WordPress. Overall WordPress offers a cost effective solution, while offering a great deal of functionality. All you need is a domain name and a host. Some hosting companies provide both a domain name and hosting service, which makes it the simplest option. Some even provide an easy automated in-stallion of WordPress.

Be Patient

This is not a quick way to make money, so patience is a must. This is why it’s particularly important to be passionate about your content. Realistically, even with the perfect niche selected, you will be looking at 2 or 3 years at least before you are making money, or decent money. Quicker results are possible if you have some high authority connections, which results in quality links to your website. Or perhaps with an aggressive link building campaign.

Ways to Monetize

There are a few different ways to make money from a content website. PPC advertising is one, you display adverts on your website and get paid every time someone clicks on that advert. Becoming an affiliate, you display products on your website, and get paid a commission whenever someone buys that product. You can directly sell advertising space on your website. You can also create your own product, like an ebook, and sell that.

However, making money will only be possible if you are getting enough traffic. So you need the right niche, and some SEO knowledge to get you going in the right direction.