SEO St Helens

SEO consultant in St Helens, specializing in helping businesses to be found online by optimizing their websites to rank higher up in the search engines. Higher search rankings will result in more organic traffic, which translates to more sales, leads and business.

To give a brief explanation of what technical aspects I will be looking at. Firstly, I will be looking for errors on the website which could prevent it, or restrict it from showing in the search results. I will also be checking for structural problems within the website, problems with internal and external links and seeing if there is any unnecessary content, which may cause duplicate content issues. These errors and problems will be highlighted in a one off SEO audit check list.

Once any problems have been sorted out, if requested a monthly strategy for growth can be created. This strategy will include optimizing the website further, and looking at creating new pages and content to target keywords that have not yet been utilized.

SEO St Helens

Local SEO

This will involve local business research, particularly those business websites which out rank yours. I will be looking for citations and keywords which can be adopted.

There are many aspects to ranking a website, some on-page and some off-page criteria. I specialize in the most effective ranking factors, using only white hat techniques. There are many agencies and consultants out there that are still using out dated and potentially problematic black hat SEO techniques. These dated or spam based techniques can actually harm you rankings, and may even get your website penalized.

First position, and even first page rankings can be difficult to achieve, this does depend on the level of competition for a business sector. However with the right custom strategy and optimization techniques being used, increased exposure and ranking improvements is a certainty in most cases.