SEO Wigan

SEO specialist in Wigan, I’m a freelance consultant looking to help small, medium and large businesses by optimizing their websites in order to rank higher, to out-do the competition and get more organic exposure from the search engines, particularly Google.

I analyze all the important internal and external website factors that influence rankings. This includes looking at how a website is seen and handled by the search engine algorithms. There can be both simple and complicated reasons why a website is not ranking well, or perhaps it’s not even being indexed. I also look into the structure of the site, including internal linking, looking for errors and assessing the general usability of a website, plus many other ranking and usability factors.

SEO Wigan

Local SEO

I research local business websites in Wigan, looking for opportunities with regards to citations, keywords and content. If a competitor is ranking above you, why is that, and can it be replicated and improved upon?

A single website audit can be completed, which can highlight errors and potential problems. The report and findings will be recorded on an audit sheet, which will be provided to you. Creating a monthly strategy for traffic growth is also an option. Strategies will be created to suit particular client requirements. These strategies usually include, in depth keyword and competitor research, particularly businesses in the Wigan area, general optimization and creating new content.

It’s important to have an SEO specialist that utilizes up-to-date, and best practices. There is still a lot of spam based link building going on, as-well as keyword stuffing and other bad techniques.

Also be cautious of those who are guaranteeing first place rankings and generally amazing results. A good SEO specialist is likely to-be-able to have a positive impact on your search positions and traffic, however, even then it’s likely to take months to start seeing noticeable improvements. What that said, sometimes positive results can be seen with just a couple of weeks, it just depends on the state of the current website.